Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This week I am a teacher

This week I am a teacher at the New Garden Friends Meeting's Summer Program. Elliot and 13 other children are in our class.  Yesterday was my first day.  I've had to spend less time here due to organizing lessons, which are all centered around Japan.   During the week, the students will have an opportunity to sing songs in different languages, taste traditional Japanese dishes, make art, read stories, play games and listen to a speaker from Japan who will discuss the affects of the Tsunami. 

In the past, my teaching experiences have come with a feeling of anxiety.  There's always an underlying sense that they'll look at me and see all the cracks.  The insecurity.  I've imagined that they can hear the little voice in my head telling me that I'm a boring idiot.    Perhaps they've heard everything already.  I have to admit there were a few moments that went like that...

Especially when I presented some beginning language lessons and one bright student rattled off a whole sentence in  Japanese which I didn't understand.  I failed to ask if anyone had ever been to Japan or studied the culture.  Note to self:  find out what they already know and go from there!

So today there is little time for writing.  I hope you are having a great week....

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