Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Homesick Heart

Yesterday I began the day saying that something good was going to happen.  And it did!  Actually, lots of good things happened throughout the day, and if I had not said that magic phrase, I might have taken them all for granted.
Over the holidays, I made time to clean and sort all of our educational resources for homeschool.  This resulted in a good day for Elliot, who now has a folder of work for each day of the week.  The daily folder worked like a dream.  He has a manageable, predictable set of tasks and I no longer feel the pang of guilt about whether we're not doing enough or if we're attempting too much.  While he worked at his desk, I was free to sit at my post here, not too far away, and read your comments and posts.  It was a great way to start the day.  It felt so good that when our "recess" time came, I went out to play ball too.

When school was done, Richard came home and after a little rest and time with Elliot, he helped me while I worked to photograph my new items for the shop AND made dinner!

I've named the paper house collection "Homesick Heart" because they can be used to send a message of light and love to those who are away from home. There is a space under each roof for a heartfelt message of encouragement or sentiments of love.  Of course they make lovely decorations for a mantle or nightstand, but I like that they can have an added meaning to someone who is either away at college, in a hospital or nursing home or stationed overseas.  Each one was hand cut by me, so the windows are sometimes a little crooked. Richard wants to try one of the Cricut machines because he likes things to be exact...but I'm waiting to see if that would be a worthwhile investment.  I don't know if the machines will allow you to create your own designs or if everything is preset.

It was a full day, and I'm not completely finished with capturing the night shots, but here are a few that I like.

I'm always homesick for the Outer Banks of North Carolina

This is a copy of the Little White Chapel we brought to Elizabeth in Meadow View...but I think they would also make a nice handmade wedding gift...or a way to propose!

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