Monday, January 9, 2012

People Who Live in Glass Houses

Hi Friends,
It's a rainy Monday morning here in North Carolina. It must have rained through the night because today I'm awake feeling deeply rested and strangely younger.  I have no idea how it happened that I woke up with no pain, which makes me realize that lately I have been suffering with a total body ache through my bones.  It has been painful to walk down the stairs every morning.  This aching is accompanied by periods of cranky and tired.  I'm sure I would feel better about relationships, my work, home school and the day to day running of the household if I felt better.

Is this new painful me a result of habits?  Too much time online followed by driving myself into exhaustion at the gym to make up for the sedentary hours here?  Or do I simply need to make adjustments in diet and vitamins?  I'm learning that aging is a process of figuring out how to feel better.

Just when I needed it, a healing therapy is arriving.

We are going to build a garden. 

It will nearly fill our entire yard.  Richard has designed an amazingly beautiful plan that includes a series of raised beds and a GREENHOUSE!

We found all of the glass at the Greensboro Architecture Salvage at an amazingly affordable price.  Some of the glass is broken, but we will be able to make repairs.  The glass has come in the form of windows from old houses that were demolished, and now they sit just waiting to be given a new life in our yard.

Some of you remember that in my working life outside of home I was a garden center manager.  So this event in my life right now is a dream becoming a reality; an intention evolving from a long buried hope.

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